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A smile transformation


What goes into a
smile makeover with
Dr. Mello & Dr. Tabib?

Simple! It starts
and ends with YOU.

We understand what a life changing decision it is to choose a new way of living.

A decision that allows you to stop thinking about your teeth and constantly hide them from the world.

Every step of our process is designed with your wellbeing and confidence in mind.

Let us show you
how we do this…


The 5 Smile Makeover Standards




3D Facial Design


Digital Treatment Planning


Smile Test Drive


Guided Treatment


Behind every great smile makeover, you will find these essential features..

Choose with confidence

As consumers, we can rely on industry standards for a product’s authenticity and value…

We believe it should be the same for smile makeovers!

The 5 Smile Makeover Standards

We deliver the 5 Smile Makeover Standards with every smile transformation that we undertake.

They are our guarantee to you, that you will receive world class treatment

They protect your time, money and wellbeing…

The Smile Makeover Standards are

1. Digitization

2. 3D Facial Design

3. Digital Treatment Planning

4. Smile Test Drive

5. Guided Treatment

We are a DSD Clinic

DSD stands for Digital Smile Design.

We are proud to have trained extensively in this discipline to earn this status.

DSD is an approach to dentistry that enables us to create custom-designed smiles that enhance your natural features beautifully, making you feel more like yourself.

ONLY DSD Clinics deliver the Smile Makeover Standards

There are many dental clinics that deliver smile makeovers. Without the quality assurances of the Smile Makeover Standards, you risk; getting a smile that is poorly designed that can negatively affect your health, your time, your confidence and your money.

Smile Makeover Standard 1


The blueprint of your new smile begins with Digitization

We design your new smile to fit your whole self – not just your mouth.

What is digitization?

Digitization is a process in which we gather all the unique, one-of-a kind information about your teeth and your mouth.

It includes meticulous detail and measurements which allows us to prepare your treatment and design a smile that is right for you.

We use the most powerful technology and latest methods to capture your individual data with comfort, safety, accuracy and speed.

  • Photos
  • Video
  • X-ray
  • Intraoral scan
  • Cone Beam CT scan
  • Facial scan
  • Digital bite analysis

Every edge and angle is captured and saved digitally as part of your records.


We build a digital 3D model of your face, mouth and teeth; the foundations to your new smile

We analyze your smile with a video to plan a dynamic design that looks good at every angle

Digital impressions are quick, precise and don’t make you gag

Your smile makeover outcome is guaranteed to be the most esthetic AND the best for your health

Smile Makeover Standard 2

3D Facial

Smile more like you with
3D Facial Design

We create visual balance in your new smile design with cutting-edge technology for natural esthetics and enhanced confidence.

Does the fear of having fake-looking teeth stop you from getting a smile makeover?

We get you.
We don’t like teeth that look unnatural either!

Because our treatments are guaranteed by the Five Smile Makeover Standards, we create naturally beautiful smiles that are designed to suit each patient’s face and unique features.

To do this, we use 3D Facial Design.

What is
3D Facial Design?

3D Facial Design is an important stage of creating the treatment plan for any smile makeover.

It takes into account the patient’s individual facial features and how they combine into a smile that looks naturally balanced.

Greater than the sum of its parts...

3D Facial Design is based on the connection between the parts and the whole smile.

These are the:

By understanding these four features separately, as well as how they integrate, we can design smiles that have individualized balance and unique harmony.


Smile Makeover Standard 3

Make an informed decision with Digital Treatment Planning

As a team, we combine our knowledge to use the best strategies for your treatment plan.


Your smile makeover treatment plan is digitally analyzed, discussed and designed by us in collaboration with dental specialists

Like satellite navigation, it shows you a virtual map of the possible routes to your new smile, where each road has been checked by a qualified team using advanced technology.

Mapping out
your smile

We collaborate with a team of specialist dentists at the DSD Planning Center which means that:

A treatment plan
like no other

Based on your unique needs and desires, your smile makeover could include any number of treatments.

Whatever the procedure, your treatment plan is designed by us in collaboration with dentists who have experience in EACH specialty.

Smile makeover treatments

Smile Makeover Standard 4

Smile Test

You’re in control with a
Smile Test Drive

The Smile Test Drive enables you to see, feel and understand the full impact of your smile makeover before any treatment begins.

Doing a Smile Test Drive is like having a suit tailored...

  • Fitted to your measurements
  • Designed by an experienced professional
  • Customized to your preferences

the Smile Test Drive allows you to physically try in a mock-up to experience that tailored smile feeling BEFORE treatment begins.

What happens in a Smile Test Drive?

This is an appointment where YOU:

Try in a temporary mock-up of your smile makeover over your own teeth

See a virtual simulation of your treatment plan on a digital 3D model of your mouth

Ask questions about your smile makeover

Discuss every treatment option

With the

You get the full picture before any dental work begins.

You understand every step to get to the end result.

You are in the driver’s seat of your smile makeover.

Your decision is NOT based on photos of OTHER patients’ smiles.

You become an expert in your own treatment.

You know what to expect because you have seen and felt the end result.

Guided Treatment

Your dream smile becomes a reality with Guided Treatment

Guided Treatment is the important final step in a smile makeover; it ensures all your clinical procedures are done with precision, efficiency and predictability.

It’s the
journey to your dream smile

Guided Treatment is similar to the way that an airplane pilot uses technology and protocols to guide a flight to its destination, taking into account the flight plan and specific adaptations to the route.

At our DSD certified clinic Dr. Mello & Dr. Tabib use the latest technology and protocols to ensure a predictable journey to the destination: YOUR DREAM SMILE

What happens
in Guided

In Guided Treatment, we use your digital treatment plan to design and produce custom-made models that fit into place over your teeth.

IThese models guide the treatment we perform and increase the accuracy of procedures such as:

  • Invisible teeth straightening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Crown lengthening
  • Dental implants
  • Composite veneers
  • Oral surgery


means your procedures are

You get to the end result in fewer and shorter appointments.

You can have trust in the end result because the treatment guides match the detailed plan that you approved.

Every procedure is delivered using 3D-printed guides that pinpoint precise dimensions for highly accurate treatment.

Guided Treatment

DSD Clinics are masters at delivering the smile makeover end result using Guided Treatment.

Choose a

smile makeover

that’s the real

With the 5 Smile Makeover Standards that we offer you, you can feel truly confident in your decision to have selected our certified DSD clinic

No other dental clinic can deliver these standards.

with us to
make your
dream smile
- a reality.

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